Bitbot Presale Rockets to New Heights With a Powerful Telegram Trading Bot


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As 2024 continues to rev up, crypto investors are reaping the rewards from price surges across the board, meaning that underpriced gems are becoming harder to find. Bitcoin recently surged to well over $70K, and Coinmarketcap’s Fear & Greed Index is in the “Extreme Greed” quadrant.

Presales have become the gold standard for wise crypto investors seeking undervalued diamonds in the rough, with one in particular, the Telegram trading bot Bitbot, skyrocketing to serious heights.

Already one of the best crypto presales of the year, this Telegram trading bot has already raised $1.3m as its ICO goes from strength to strength.

What thousands of crypto investors see in Bitbot

Bitbot is showcasing the stunning features that help investors make the most of their crypto trading journey and make it a better option than other Telegram trading bots, such as Unibot and Banana Gun. Its recently announced product demo, unusual during crypto presales, has demonstrated the project team’s commitment to its product and provoked a boost in investment from eager investors.

Its outstanding approach to user security is at the heart of Bitbot’s superior offering. Standing by the “not your keys, not your crypto” approach to security, users retain full custody of their assets until trades are complete. This is in addition to top-quality anti-MEV measures and anti-rug pull protocols. All these security features can help prevent similar security breaches that befell Unibot and Banana Gun in 2023.

The Telegram trading bot sector has gained a reputation for overlooking security. What if Bitbot can triumph with the first-ever non-custodial security solution? In that case, BITBOT token holders will reap significant rewards in the form of big profits as Bitbot grabs market share.

Bitbot: Security, crypto trading tools… And market domination?

The security breaches affecting Unibot, Banana Gun, and Maestro have prevented the Telegram Trading Bot market from realizing its incredible potential. As a result, Bitbot is timing its entry into the sector perfectly. With over $66 million in daily trading volume, Maestro has just announced that it has passed $4 billion in total trading fees received. The potential for Bitbot couldn’t be more evident.

All BITBOT token holders will receive a share of 50% of the trading fees generated on Bitbot each day. At the same time, the platform’s enticing referral scheme will see users benefit from 15% of all lifetime transaction fees generated by new users to whom they refer to the platform. 

These factors set up BITBOT for both short and long-term investment potential. The 50% revenue share puts funds in BITBOT holders’ wallets immediately. Meanwhile, the referral scheme nurtures a strong community, integral to both short and long-term price appreciation. 

This could lead to incredible returns for early-stage investors, particularly considering Banana Gun’s recent performance

Bitbot price potential

Bitbot isn’t all Fort Knox-like security and awesome crypto trading tools. It’s also got the backing of serious numbers across Twitter and Telegram. With over 90k followers on X and 20k subscribers to its Telegram channel, Bitbot is generating incredible community support to help it on its journey to Telegram trading bot market dominance.

Yet, Bitbot’s full price potential can be uncovered when examining the recent performance of other Telegram trading bots, notably Unibot and Banana Gun.

Unibot entered the market in June 2023, priced at $17.56, and is now, at press time, available at around $40, an increase of well over 100%. Meanwhile, Banana Gun’s BANANA token is up almost 200% on its launch price of $9.9389 in September 2023, now trading at around $30 at press time.

If we look at price appreciation from presale, then these two tokens are even more impressive. Banana Guna’s price has risen 60x over the past six months, and Unibot did over 200x from presale to all-time high. 

Remembering that both platforms have been affected by high-profile security breaches, bugs, and accusations of rug-pulling scams, the potential for Bitbot to make similar gains with its not-so-secret weapon of superior security is beyond clear.

Anyone investing in the Bitbot ICO today at $0.0134 could still see 49.26% token price appreciation before the presale even concludes. However, the real gains could start once the BITBOT token hits open exchanges. Bitbot could deliver stratospheric gains, especially during the predicted bull run over the next 12 months.

Enhance your crypto trading journey with Bitbot’s outstanding ICO

Bitbot looks likely to revolutionize the Telegram trading bot sector by setting new standards for security and launching state-of-the-art crypto trading tools. With developers locked in for a minimum 12-month period, this is clearly a project that is telling people that it’s in for the long run. 

Now in stage 7 and with coins available for just $0.0134, there’s no better time for investors seeking value to join the trading bot revolution today with Bitbot.To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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