Bitcoin holders and Polygon Whales are diversifying into Raboo Presale


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The crypto bull run has seen many early investors smile while later entries have them tearing their hair out in FOMO as the big guns reach their all-time highs and the altcoins follow in their wake. Despite the Bitcoin price going ever higher, crypto whales like Microstrategy are scooping up Bitcoin (BTC) by the truckload, and other established coins like Polygon (MATIC) are not far behind. However, the market is seeing a slight correction in the Bitcoin price, opening the door for altcoins like Raboo to lure some investment money from the crypto whales.

Bitcoin (BTC): Bitcoin price correction spurs portfolio diversity opportunity

2024 has been an outstanding year for Bitcoin (BTC), with the Bitcoin price reaching its all-time high in the middle of March. This is driven by the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving, and the crypto whales are in a feeding frenzy, scooping up Bitcoin (BTC) before their scarcity literally doubles.

Bitcoin (BTC) halving is an event that happens approximately every four years when 210,000 blocks have been processed. The Bitcoin price reward per block is cut in half, meaning it will take twice as much energy to generate the same quantity of Bitcoin (BTC). This always has an impact on the Bitcoin price, and seasoned investors know how to benefit from this period.

Polygon (MATIC): Crypto whales gobbling up Web3 gaming venture

Not to be outdone, Polygon (MATIC) is getting a massive influx of crypto whales investing in the token. This comes in the wake of Polygon (MATIC) making a double announcement: first, that it is scrapping the contentious Polygon (MATIC)-based Starbucks loyalty program. Secondly, Polygon (MATIC) will partner with Immutable Games and King River Capital to set up a $100 million Web3 gaming fund.

The dissolution of their partnership with Starbucks is now giving Polygon (MATIC) room to breathe and focus its attention on the development of the lucrative gaming market, and the crypto whales are diving in!

Raboo (RABT): Attracting crypto whales with social-fi innovation

Raboo is swiftly gaining attention among crypto whales for its groundbreaking approach to social-fi, blending social media dynamics with decentralized finance. By fostering a platform where crypto whales can significantly impact the ecosystem through engagement and investment, Raboo is setting a new standard in the digital economy.

Its innovative use of AI in meme creation and community rewards not only enhances user experience but also incentivizes deeper involvement from investors looking for cutting-edge projects. This strategic focus on social-fi elements positions Raboo as a key player in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, offering unique opportunities for both casual users and major investors to thrive.


There has never been a better time to enter the lucrative crypto markets – the Bitcoin price will only go upwards. If gathering is good enough for the crypto whales, it is good enough for retail investments. 

While Polygon (MATIC) and Bitcoin (BTC) both make excellent investments, there is a massive opportunity waiting in the Raboo presale. With an introductory offer of just $0.003, Raboo will skyrocket 233% as it cycles through its presale phase and is expected to 100x once it hits exchanges. With Raboo, it has never been easier to become a crypto whale.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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