6 best Altcoins with Huge Potential for the next bull run


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The Federal Reserve is expected to take a call on May 01, 2024, regarding a rate cut. By the looks of it, the crypto community is anticipating selling pressure, with the weight falling on the entire market. Analysts have estimated a probability of 95.6% for the Federal Reserve to not make any change in the rate. Amid that situation, there are still seven under-rated altcoins that could deliver better results with a huge potential.


The Politifi meme coin was launched recently and has gained traction since then. Despite a low in the last 24 hours, MAGA VP registered a surge of 1.57% in the last hour at the press time. The token is currently listed at $0.1258, with the potential to rise as high as $0.5 by the end of this year. The MAGA VP price for 2030 has been predicted to be around $ 0.357372 on the lower end and $ 0.579447 on the high end. MAGA VP could gain 348.27% by 2030 if it reaches the upper price target.


The Sandbox announced a partnership with CoinDCX to encourage engagement in the metaverse. That was in November last year, and the announcement may have just done its job. SAND is rallying at around $0.4377 after peaking at $0.7823 in March. This means it could still bounce back to that high level after the correction phase is over.


Osmosis has seen a huge dip of 4.85% in the last 24 hours, but it remains on the list due to a rise in the 24-hour volume. That is up by 32.22% at the time of writing this article. OSMO is backed by the community, which aims to take it closer to $0.9486 from the current value of $0.8956. That is likely to pave the way for a jump to $1 by the end of this year.


The current value of GALA is $0.04387, up by 12.59% in the last year. However, it has shed approximately 7.74% in the last 24 hours. One core reason why GALA is an under-rated altcoin is because there is speculation about the GalaSwap launch kicking in. It did so in February this year, causing a surge of around 20%.


Ethena is interestingly closer to surpassing the milestone of $1. Currently rallying at $0.7913 with an increase of 15.06% in the last 30 days, ENA is poised to test the resistance of $0.9 by the middle of the year and then move to the dollar landmark.


Wrapped Dogecoin is exchanging hands at $0.1417. The trade is pretty reddish at the moment, but it was way above $0.150 a couple of hours ago. It has retraced to a low but holds the potential to make a bull run as the upward trajectory is gaining momentum since the last 2-3 hours at the time of articulating this piece.


Seven altcoins are currently the potential candidates that may have a big impact. However, it is recommended to conduct thorough research before allocating funds to any of the above-mentioned altcoins. One can register and start trading on Bitmex after having done their research.

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