Buying This Altcoin on Presale Now Sets You Up for Big Wins Before the Mega Bull Market


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The crypto market is reaching new heights daily. Last month saw assets rallying to new heights, led by BTC’s much-appreciated spiking activity crossing the $73,000 mark. Equally impressively, ETH made it past the $4,000 mark. While not hitting its all-time high (ATH) like BTC, this feat indicates that altcoins are also pumping massively. SOL, BNB, and others are following suit to achieve great price points this year.

While that speaks of the top assets in the industry that hold significant user bases and witness tremendous usage, analysts are of the opinion that newer assets possess the key to netting the largest returns. They indicate that one token, still in its presale stage, will set the crypto market on fire.

The NFTFN Token Will Set the Market Ablaze

The NFTFN token is currently offered at $0.030 through its presale, which is in its second phase. Its current price is forecasted to jump 50X by the end of the year, and if true will net investors some of the most significant profits from the 2024 bull run. Analysts and investors believe the forecast will hold as the bull market looks to shift gears to reach new proportions after the Bitcoin halving.

Their belief in the NFTFN token’s potential comes from the platform it serves utility in – the NFTFN platform, a next-gen NFT trading dApp. NFT enthusiasts believe that it will change how users interact with NFTs forever, thus, capable of witnessing industry-wide adoption. It has also secured financial backing from industry titans like Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon.

Why is the NFTFN Platform Expected to Witness Large-scale Adoption?

The NFTFN platform lets users indulge in the robust price action of blue-chip NFTs, with an entry point of just $10. This never-before-seen use case allows all NFT enthusiasts to interact with top-dollar NFTs worth thousands of dollars. Until now, blue-chip NFTs remained accessible to only affluent enthusiasts. NFTFN’s low entry barrier allows anyone with a few dollars to take advantage of these assets.

A large chunk of enthusiasts relying on obscure collections to draw their gains can now tap into the cream of the NFT market. With that, they can finally overcome massive issues like the price instability of not-so-well-known NFTs and the high possibility of such assets being scams. NFTFN offers exposure to verified assets only, which hold strong price points thanks to their popularity. The platform’s users can remain assured that they will not lose their funds unjustly.

NFTFN can promise such possibilities thanks to the development that allows the trading activity to occur. The platform takes an index-based approach, letting users trade fractions of its NFT index through perpetual futures contracts. The index reflects the collective price of all the NFTs onboarded by the platform, giving users collective exposure to several blue-chip NFTs. NFTFN’s fractional index trading is what allows users to get in on blue-chip NFT price action with as little as $10.

Beyond such an offering, NFTFN also integrates decentralization and transparency into its operations by utilizing a DEX to execute trading and an open orderbook to maintain bids and asks lists. That way, the platform prevents issues arising from centralized and opaque practices. The platform embraces user-centric practices, further advancing it by assuring its users that it will not collect hidden fees like the dreaded slippage fees. While that increases the fairness of the platform and boosts users’ savings, they can maximize trading gains by utilizing NFTFN’s 10X leverage potential.

What’s more, users can trade perpetual contracts of indices of asset types other than NFTs. ERC-20 tokens, RWAs, and Bitcoin Ordinals are tradeable on the platform, offering NFTFN’s users a highly diverse trading experience. Users can maintain positions in one or more indices simultaneously and make the most of the price movements of various assets.

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NFTFN Platform’s Adoption Will Guarantee Its Token Price’s Surge

NFTFN’s interesting capabilities put it on the map to become Web3’s next big development. NFT enthusiasts and casuals from across the crypto industry will use NFTFN as the gateway to step into the NFT revolution. As that occurs, the NFTFN token will surpass new heights to offer investors the hottest gains of 2024. Making room for the token in investment portfolios can turn out to be the best decision investors can make this year.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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