Powered by The GOAT Foundation and Fantom Blockchain, Speedy Dog Is Set to Rule the Crypto Meme Space


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Since creating the first meme coin in 2013 as a ‘joke’ to drive up the hype around mainstream crypto assets like Bitcoin, meme coins have experienced massive growth in the crypto market. With a market capitalization of over $47 billion, these meme coins have become an enormous part of the crypto industry as the communities continue to grow.

At a time when many people are searching for the next big meme coin to ‘ride’ to the moon, The GOAT Foundation (the first meme foundation on Web 3) has launched Speedy Dog on the Fantom blockchain. Although many new meme projects exist, meme enthusiasts should watch out for Speedy. With the 2024 bull run just getting started, you wouldn’t want to be left behind when your friends ride Speedy to the moon.

More Details about Speedy Dog

Speedy is a crypto meme project deployed on the Fantom blockchain network. The name comes from its lightning-fast abilities on the fastest blockchain network (Fantom). Speedy is revered globally as the fastest dog on the planet and undoubtedly lives up to expectations. With Fantom blockchain as its home, the dog showcases its speed and efficiency advantages. 

The dog’s agility goes beyond physical accomplishments and transcends into the digital realm. When the GOAT Foundation decided to deploy Speedy on the Fanton blockchain network, it was a ‘match made in heaven.’ Fantom blockchain protocol is not all about ensuring fast and efficient transaction processing; it also entails transforming how businesses operate, how value is exchanged, and how digital experiences are created. 

The Fantom blockchain network provides an ecosystem ripe for innovation as it prepares to launch the Sonic update. With the Sonic update, Fantom will scale its network performance beyond what we know today. Transaction per second (TPS) will exceed 2000, with near-instant finality. It will be the perfect home for Speedy.

While leveraging the Fantom blockchain network, The GOAT Foundation nurtures community innovation for project creators and digital artists. The aim is to ensure these creators and artists can access funding, safely launch their projects, and achieve outreach success. As the first incubated project by The GOAT Foundation on Fantom, Speedy can become a significant milestone in the Fantom protocol. 

How You Can Buy Speedy on Fanton Chain

To buy Speedy, all you need to do is follow these four simple and easy steps:

  • Step1

You have to log in to Spooky Swap to get started.

  • Step 2: Connect your Wallet

When on the Spooky Swap website, click on the connect button at the site’s upper right corner. After you click the button, it will open a drop-down menu for you to select your wallet.

  • Step 3: Time to get your Speedy

After you have selected your wallet in Step 2, go ahead and select the coin/token you want to exchange for Speedy. Click on the swap button after you have made your selection. 

  • Step 4: Confirm your transaction

Ensure to confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, then congratulations on becoming a Speedy owner. 


Meme coins like Speedy are an attractive crypto asset, and like every investment, be sure to do your research. Most new meme projects leverage the comic element of their token to build a community; the GOAT Foundation and the Fantom ecosystem offer much more with Speedy. It is an incubation hub for creators and digital artists. With such a community behind Speedy, the future is undoubtedly bright for the project and its investors. You can visit the project website for more information and updates.

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