Top 10 Altcoins ‘Stack’ Now for 10x Gains in 2024


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Analyst Jesse Eckel has outlined that his top altcoins are poised to surge by 10x or more in 2024. These picks span various sectors, from crypto AI to gaming to DeFi, offering diverse opportunities. While it’s uncertain whether the coins will experience a 10x increase by 2024, the analyst is confident they will experience significant growth by the end of the market cycle, especially when retail investors become involved. 

Best Bet Altcoins For 1000% Spike

  • Across (Cross-chain settlement layer): Addressing the challenge of efficiently moving between different blockchain networks, Across aims to enable fast and cost-effective cross-chain transactions, potentially streamlining the interoperability of various blockchains.
  • Immutable (Crypto gaming): As a key player in the crypto gaming sector, Immutable offers a platform for blockchain-based gaming experiences. With gaming’s rising popularity in the crypto space, Immutable could see significant growth as it establishes itself as a leading player.
  • Frax Share (FXS) (Stablecoin issuer): Frax Share operates within the stablecoin ecosystem, offering stability and liquidity to users. With a unique model that distributes protocol revenue to token holders, Frax Share could attract more users seeking stable returns in the volatile crypto market.
  • AOSHI (Crypto AI): AOSHI is positioned within the crypto AI sector, offering solutions that leverage artificial intelligence for various applications. With growing interest in AI technologies, AOSHI could experience substantial growth as it provides innovative AI-driven solutions to crypto enthusiasts.
  • Research Hub (Decentralized Science): Founded by Brian Armstrong, co-founder of Coinbase, Research Hub aims to revolutionize scientific research by addressing issues such as publishing reputation and funding. With a strong leadership team and an ambitious vision, Research Hub has the potential to disrupt the scientific research landscape.

Additionally, the analyst discussed Polygon’s MATIC token, highlighting its upcoming transformation and the innovative solutions it offers. 

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