Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Worth Investing As Altcoin is Around Corner

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With the growing anticipation of an upcoming altcoin season, a Bitcoin maximalist known for his accurate predictions, Ali Martinez, has shed light on several cryptocurrencies trading at a discount worth paying attention to. As the crypto market is volatile, Martinez identifies unique opportunities for investors to capitalize on potential gains.

Bitcoin’s Impact on Altseason

Martinez reflects on historical trends, noting how Bitcoin’s performance relative to altcoins has shifted following halving events. After Bitcoin’s miner reward halved in 2020, attention shifted toward lower-cap cryptocurrencies, signaling the start of a new altcoin season. 

The current retracement in the crypto market, typically around halving events, presents opportunities for investors. 

Martinez highlights three altcoins that investors should consider before the next altcoin season:

The first altcoin Ali marks out is Ethena ($ENA), a protocol on Ethereum offering an alternative for financial transactions without relying on traditional banking systems. Martinez notes a potential buying opportunity as $ENA breaks out of a bear pennant.

Secondly, ZeusNetwork ($ZEUS) is an inter-chain communication layer operating on Solana that brings Bitcoin liquidity to the Solana ecosystem. Martinez identifies a potential entry zone as $ZEUS breaks out of an ascending parallel channel.

Lastly, he points out EtherFi ($ETHFI), a liquid restacking platform on Ethereum, which enables speakers to optimize returns by creating eETH tokens. Martinez suggests an ideal buying opportunity as $ETHFI consolidates in a bear pennant.

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