AI, RWA, and Gaming Tokens to Stack Right Now

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Analyst Altcoin Buzz stressed that narratives matter in cryptocurrency, especially when some assets like Bitcoin and Solana are rising while others are not moving much. Narratives serve as big clues about how people feel about the market. 

The analyst explained the importance of narratives across four favorite cryptocurrency sectors: AI (Artificial Intelligence), gaming, real-world assets (RWAs), and decentralized private networks (DPIN).

Growth of AI and gaming sectors in the crypto market

Starting with AI, an industry currently valued at $24 billion in the crypto market, he opened up about its potential for further growth. Projects such as Aave and Render were spotlighted as promising contenders within the AI narrative.

Moving on to the gaming sector, the analyst noted its increasing integration with blockchain technology and highlighted the potential for gaming tokens to witness significant growth.

From Real-World Assets to Decentralized Networks

Real-world assets (RWAs) were also cited as a narrative gaining traction, with projects like Terra and Mirror Protocol noted for their innovative approaches to tokenizing real-world assets.

Talking about Centrifuge, he said the coin stands out because it offers real asset funds you can invest in right now. For example, one pool manages the purchase of US treasuries, and another facilitates real estate bridge loans in the United States.

Additionally, the analyst touched upon the significance of decentralized private networks (DPIN), stressing the growing demand for privacy-focused solutions. Projects like Secret Network and Orchid Protocol were highlighted as noteworthy players in this narrative, offering users enhanced privacy and security features.

He said that his pick in this category is Arweave, a leader in decentralized file storage and other Web3 infrastructure. Arweave’s performance has been slightly better than flat, with a modest increase in the last 30 days. The analyst mentioned that his second pick, which concludes his selections for the day, is Hive Mapper. This platform can be likened to the Google Maps of Web3 and operates on the Solana network.

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