Crypto Craze Continues: Solana and Ethereum Network Grows As Newcomer Sparks Excitement in Presale


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Finding the “best crypto to buy” is any crypto enthusiast’s constant quest. While top crypto coins like Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH) continue to dominate the crypto landscape, the rise of exciting newcomers like KangaMoon (KANG) is shaking things up. This new meme coin project is grabbing attention with its newest features and a big reward for growth. This impressive project has already surpassed $6 million raised, with a potential to hit its $8 million target by the end of May.

Solana Network Still Going Strong Despite the Downturn

Recently, the Solana (SOL) token has been rising amid broader market volatility. The coin experienced an eruptive price surge from December to April, with more than 500,000 new active users added and the highest daily active count of over 160,000. Consequently, this issue increased network congestion in early March, resulting in transaction errors that affected negative projects.

The Solana Network, however, showed a remarkable level of readiness by introducing measures such as Stake-Weighted Quality of Service (SWQOS) and developer patches to tackle congestion and ensure network performance. 

With the future in mind, they plan to focus on implementing effective solutions that reduce downtimes during periods of overload, expanding of current infrastructure to address higher activity levels, and developing a dedicated audience for the long-term progression of the DApp.

Ethereum (ETH) Records 266,600 New Wallets

Ethereum (ETH), the kingpin of altcoins, has been facing a spike in network expansion despite a rather unfriendly market sentiment. Similar to Solana’s record, there was an addition of about 266,600 wallets to the Ethereum network on April 28th and 29th, which marked the highest influx since October 2022. 

This increase in new users is evidence of the amazing continuity achieved by the Ethereum Network. It provides evidence that people rely on Ethereum and stay with it in spite of the fluctuations of the crypto market. In general, Ethereum Blockchain alongside its native ETH token will continue to be one of the best crypto projects to ever hit the market.

KangaMoon: A Meme Coin with Soaring Potential

The KangaMoon (KANG) meme coin project has been attracting a growing number of traders and meme coin enthusiasts since the inception of its presale campaign. The relatively new platform now boasts over 23,000 registered members largely due to its groundbreaking idea of combining play-to-earn features with incentivized social networking. 

This creative concept places KangaMoon on a pedestal above other meme coins as users derive income and have fun at the same time. The combination of the platform’s individuality has enticed diverse sections of the crypto community, making it obvious that the platform is fit to succeed and stand out in the burgeoning P2E gaming market.

Since the start of its presale, the KANG token has seen a remarkable price increase of over 290%. Meanwhile, experts predict that this trend is likely to continue, with a potential additional 20X value surge once it is listed on top-tier exchanges. While the launch date is yet to be finalized, KangaMoon is gearing up for a Q2 listing and has already experienced price surges. 

Can KangaMoon Overtake Solana?

While established players like Solana boast a longer track record, impressive user base, and robust technology, KangaMoon’s innovative features and rapidly growing community have sparked excitement.  Therefore, mirroring the success of the likes of Dogecoin and even Solana in the foreseeable future is very likely.  

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