Milei Moneda Explode After Its Launch on Uniswap; XRP And Arb Holders Hop In Amid Closing Window

Milei Moneda

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  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) gears up for over 100x price climb after launching on Uniswap.
  • Analysts caution that XRP could embark on a bearish future trajectory.
  • Experts predict a 15% weekly decline for Arbitrum (ARB). 

With the presale now concluded with a stunning 100% growth, Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is well-positioned to explode in the following months. Meanwhile, Hodlers of XRP, Arbitrum (ARB), and other top altcoins are seizing the chance to get in early on the new meme coin. Are you curious to know why you should act now? Find the details below!

The price of XRP is currently down 87% from its 2018 ATH, with a yearly inflation rate of 10%. Having registered only 13 green days in the last 30 days, its long-term and short-term trajectories remain bearish. 

Additionally, XRP’s crypto market cap has significantly decreased from $ 28.95 billion to $ 28.62 billion this week, with a sharp decline of 28% in trading volume. Moreover, technical indicators suggest a bearish outlook, with XRP trading below the 200-day SMA.

This poor performance is primarily attributed to Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC, which has been ongoing since 2020. However, this dispute is nearing an end, as Ripple awaits the judge’s ruling on final remedies. The outcome of this ruling will be crucial in determining XRP’s future. 

ARB Slumps Despite Arbitrum’s Network Growth

Formerly among the top crypto coins, ARB has continually disappointed investors, with a 25% price decline since the start of the year. Currently trading below the 200-day SMA, ARB seems poised for further losses.

Moreover, experts predict a 15% decline for ARB this week, citing Arbitrum’s stagnation despite its recent milestone of surpassing 972,000 daily active addresses in the Layer 2 network space. This lack of price growth reinforces their bearish outlook.

Furthermore, the launch of Arbitrum DAO’s eight-week pioneering mergers and acquisitions pilot program, aimed at leveraging Arbitrum’s $3 billion treasury for growth and innovation in DeFi, has not positively impacted ARB’s price. 

Milei Moneda’s Launch on Uniswap Brings New Hopes for Investors

Milei Moneda has proven not to be just another meme coin; it’s an audacious project inspired by Argentina’s beloved and charismatic president, Javier Milei. Known for his anarcho-capitalist views, Milei’s ideology forms the backbone of this digital asset. Milei Moneda promises to shake up the traditional financial system and bring radical economic ideas to the forefront of the crypto community.

Now that Milei Moneda has officially launched on Uniswap, the rush to secure $MEDA tokens is intensifying, drawing significant attention from savvy investors, particularly those hodling XRP and ARB.

Given the substantial losses they’ve incurred from these tokens and the potential for further declines, Milei Moneda offers a chance to make massive investment returns. 

Currently trading at an altcoin price of $0.020 on Uniswap, Milei Moneda has come a long way. Starting with a price of $0.010, $MEDA delivered a stunning 100% profit for its Stage 1 investors. Due to its increasing adoption, analysts now believe the meme coin will see 100x growth by the end of the year!

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