Fetch.ai and BNB Concern Investors: New Viral Meme Coin Soars 40% In Presale


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The AI crypto sector is predicted to get busier this year as more projects will apply AI in their protocols and blockchains. However, AI tokens like FetchAI (FET) are not delivering profits for their investors. There’s a lot of development on Binance Coin (BNB), too, but the BNB altcoin price is still trading below profits.

Well, one of the AI-powered tokens is already in presale. Meme coin with enough prospects to take the market by storm. Raboo (RABT) is already 40% up in its presale–what else does it have in store?

FetchAI is losing investor confidence now?

As we said, there’s plenty of development on FetchAI, and that’s all good. FET will merge with fellow AI cryptos SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol to form an Artificial SuperIntelligence alliance for use on Web3 platforms. The new token, ASI, is scheduled to be released by mid-June, and users will be able to switch their FetchAI (FET) for ASI.

That’s if there are any users by then. Users and investors are currently expressing concern over FetchAI’s lack of profits. Already, some are making moves to dump their FetchAI for better investments.

BeInCrypto has reported a likely slump in the FET altcoin price from $2.2 to about $1.9 if more investors decide to make the move. It’s bad enough that FetchAI has recorded the least number of new addresses formed in the past seven months–losing its investors could spell bearish for FET.

Binance Coin’s expansion is not helping BNB

Binance has had a tough time with regulatory bodies in the past year, in the US and other countries. Nigeria banned the exchange’s operations and detained Binance’s compliance chief. Although all that hasn’t affected the services and features much, Binance Coin (BNB) isn’t making much progress.

Binance has recently increased its efforts to serve more crypto traders by adding more trading pairs. It might sound like great news, but the exchange will be missing some of its biggest markets on such pairs. For regulatory reasons, users in the US and Canada won’t be allowed to trade them, and that’s probably why Binance ‘s altcoin price hasn’t budged all week.

BNB is trading at almost 0.73% losses on the weekly timeframes, even with the recent expansion of operations. Now, Binance Coin investors are worried about the need for more profits, and it’s only a matter of time before they flood projects like Raboo.

Raboo’s presale is where you should be!

Meme coins launch now and again, but we rarely see them last longer than their presale phases. Raboo is offering a community-centred project to the users who will HODL their $RABT tokens even after the launch.

By community, Raboo means the future of the project is in the hands of the users. The presale event will sell out about 1.13 billion tokens to potential buyers, which accounts for about 63% of the total token supply. In other words, you can own stakes in Raboo once you get your $RABT tokens at the presale.

Next up is rewards. Raboo is a typical SocialFi, promoting user participation by rewarding their contributions to the project. The Raboo philosophy is centered on cleansing the meme sector of substandard memes, and its users will be at the forefront of the meme war.

$RABT users will be able to get token rewards for posting meme-worthy content on their social media pages. With the help of AI, Raboo will create fresh, exciting memes out of such content, keeping the crypto-verse properly entertained.


As FetchAI and Binance Coin remain largely uncertain about their portfolios, Raboo offers solace with presale profits and an opportunity to have a stake in the future of SocialFi and AI crypto.

In the long run, more meme enthusiasts will join the Raboo ecosystem, ensuring that the memes produced by Raboo are of the highest quality.

To ensure everyone is kept in profits, Raboo has locked up 7.5% as rewards for those who post to earn. That and the token burn are sure to add to $RABT’s value, so even futures traders will be in the green.

Raboo is in the third stage of presale now, and stage 1 buyers are already making 40% profits. Get your $RABT coins for $0.0042 today and take advantage of the remaining 233% presale profits!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here

Telegram: https://t.me/RabootokenPortal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raboo_Official

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