List Of Strong Gaming Altcoins That Require Immediate Attention


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Kyledoops of Crypto Banter joined gaming-expert Hustle and expressed bullish sentiments towards the gaming sector. However, they said that the sector might see major gains towards the end of the current market cycle. Kyledoops said that meme coins have currently captured more attention but also opened up about the strong foundation and user base in the gaming sector. 

He believes gaming projects will see major returns once retail interest returns. Kyledoops said that the altcoin market is showing clear patterns of lower lows and lower highs, indicative of a downtrend. He gave a list of altcoins to keep an eye on: 


The price is currently at a low support range. The analyst encourages focusing on horizontal levels rather than diagonals for reliability. The significant support level has been respected for 137 days, indicating a probable bounce.


Major support at $1.44, with intermediate support around $1.88 and $1.68.  The price is dropping sharply, and a bounce is expected at these support levels.

Immutable X

Expected to bounce from $1.29, with potential to drop further if this level fails. Significant support at $1.29, with scaling opportunities between $1.12 and $1.29.


Potential bounce at the current level, but likely to continue down to $6.71. Watch for a drop to $6.71 and consider buying at this lower support level.

Wilder World

Partnered with Nvidia and Celestia, listed on Epic Game Store.  Look for a potential bounce and consolidation phase. If it breaks above $0.52, it opens up the possibility of trading within a higher range.


Expect range-bound behavior, allowing for reaccumulation. Historical patterns indicate a likely rally with the broader market, expected in the third quarter of this year.

Meme Coins

Meme coins like Brett are looking bullish with an ascending triangle pattern. Consider buying around $0.15 and target gains at $0.24 and $0.29 if it breaks out. Foxy is near resistance at 1 cent; look for a breakout above $0.0168 for potential gains. Pepe shows strong support after testing previous highs. Wif formed a range and reclaimed lows; look for gains towards mid and high ranges on a breakout. 

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