Raboo’s Stellar Surge: Up 60%! From DOGE Triumph to BOME Boom—What’s Next?


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Raboo! That name has been ruffling feathers with its first-in-class AI-backed and ingenious twist on meme culture. The new player has maintained an enviably sturdy surge, rising to 60% in its ongoing presale. Raboo’s enigmatic gains echo the triumph of top meme coins like Dogecoin and the explosive growth of the BOME coin price.

Its presale has skyrocketed past a $1.6M raise, and industry experts have tipped it as the next 100x opportunity. This impressive momentum has prompted the question: what’s next for the meme market? Let’s find out.

Dogecoin Triumph: Analysing The Factors Behind DOGE’s Imminent Breakout

Despite its speculative and fickle nature, Dogecoin (DOGE) is a top meme coin that has gained recognition as a pioneering entity with its iconic Shiba Inu mascot. Even though it started as a satirical representation of crypto’s success, Dogecoin (DOGE) has shown resilience and volatility. Since the beginning of the year, Dogecoin has outperformed fundamental analysts’ expectations.

While its speculative nature has greatly affected its technical outlook, recent developments, including institutional adoption, especially by Tesla boss Elon Musk, paint a positive outlook for this meme OG. Analysts have pointed out historically bullish price patterns, and the recent whale accumulation highlights an imminent upswing. Currently, DOGE is trading around $0.16 with an impressive $23B market cap that puts it as the 8th most valuable cryptocurrency.

BOME Coin Price’s Meteoric Rise To The Top

2024 has been a phenomenal year for the internet’s meme culture. The launch of Book of Meme (BOME) was a notable milestone, representing the mission to revolutionize meme culture. Despite the insider trading allegations that nearly stifled its growth, BOME coin price maintained its stance with a meteoric rise above a billion-dollar market cap.

BOME’s value proposition is undoubtedly alluring. It stands as the change for an optimized Web3 experience that entails building a vibrant, creative, and social ecosystem for everyone. BOME’s dual functionality as a governance and staking token has also helped drive demand to unprecedented heights. Today, BOME has cemented its place among the top meme coins by market cap with an impressive $896M market cap.

Raboo ($RABT) Join Top Meme Coins Rank. Surge By 60% Ahead of Anticipated Launch

For over a week, mainstream media has been gushing over Raboo ($RABT)’s revolutionizing effect, and it’s understandable. Its presale has advanced unprecedentedly, surging by over 60% to $0.0048 in Stage 4. Raboo ($RABT)’s first moving advantage as the first AI-powered Social-Fi meme-backed project has captivated thousands of investors. 

An intriguing part is its pioneering AI Rabooscan tool. Raboo users can monetize their creativity, generate amazing memes, and earn passively. Furthermore, its integration of blockchain technology’s transparency and completion of a security audit underscores a stern commitment to viability and user security.

This explains why experts think it will topple established giants and become one of the top meme coins by market cap. Its cutting-edge AI wizardry comfortably places it at the brimming centre of the generative AI and meme market’s $62 billion global market valuation. Furthermore, Raboo ($RABT) has exemplified the importance of innovative thinking that blends lightheartedness, financial gain, and inclusivity.


Over the years, blockchain’s meme culture has been plagued with clout-laden and low-utility meme coins. While Dogecoin (DOGE) and BOME coin prices have held their heads high, Raboo has given experts and investors hindsight to a meme culture that welcomes innovation. Its presale is still on, and it provides ample opportunity for everyone to be part of the next biggest meme trend.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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