Top four altcoins under $1 to stack right now

Top Four Altcoins With 100X

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Analyst Altcoin Buzz, took to his latest analysis and explained that coins with low market caps have major growth potential. In the video, the analyst brought to attention four under $1 altcoins that are poised to perform well in the upcoming crypto bull run.

First, there’s Pyth Network (PYTH), an oracle on the Solana blockchain. Oracles like Pyth Network are important because blockchains cannot directly access external information. They provide crucial real-world data such as financial information, sports results, and environmental statistics. 

Pyth Network specializes in real-time market data for crypto, equities, foreign exchange, and commodities. It connects 55 blockchains to over 350 dApps and performs over 90 million updates daily. Currently, the price of PYTH is $0.35, with a market cap of $1.374 billion.

Next on his list was Mantra Chain (OM), focusing on the Real World Assets (RWA) sector. This involves tokenizing real-world assets like real estate, commodities, bonds, and precious metals, making them more affordable through fractional ownership. 

Mantra Chain is part of the Cosmos ecosystem, bridging traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi). The price of OM is $0.82, with a market cap of $390 million, and it has risen significantly, up 3,000% over the past year.

SingularityNET (AGIX) is another great project, prominent in the AI sector and undergoing a merger with and Ocean Protocol to form the Artificial Super Intelligence Alliance (ASI). This merger aims to create a massive AI platform, boosting Web3 adoption for AI and data. The current price of AGIX is $0.62, with a market cap of $856 million.

Lastly, there’s Oasis Network (ROSE), which operates in the privacy and AI sectors. Oasis Network offers a sliding scale of privacy, from 100% public to 100% private. On-chain privacy is crucial because blockchains are pseudonymous, not anonymous. 

Oasis Network provides cross-chain options on any EVM chain and focuses on privacy in decentralized AI, DeFi, gaming, digital IDs, and NFTs. The price of ROSE is $0.11, with a market cap of $837 million.

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