Top three low-cap ‘altcoin gems’ to stack right now


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The crypto market is currently shaky, with Bitcoin trading sideways and altcoins significantly down. Amid these uncertain times, analyst Altcoin Buzz has put together three altcoins which have outperformed their peers. He said that the analysis comes from the Altcoin Buzz Alpha Team, combined with current industry trends. Here’s the list of coins: 

Coin 1: ChainGPT

The analyst said that the first project in his list is ChainGPT and added that he is excited about AI’s role in the crypto space, especially where it intersects with blockchain technology. ChainGPT provides AI tools for blockchain projects, including chatbots, Solidity smart contract generators, smart contract auditors, NFT generators, and trading assistants for DEXs. It offers an easy-to-use SDK and API access, making it developer-friendly.

One of its best features is the ChainGPT Launchpad, which helps crowdfund AI, decentralized social, and other Web3 projects. Although it has dropped 30% in the past month, it’s up 60% over the last year, outperforming many altcoins.

Coin 2: Hivemapper

The second project on his list is Hivemapper, which is like the Google Maps of Web3. Built on Solana, Hivemapper has already mapped nearly 20% of the world’s roads. The project is highly decentralized with over 143,000 contributors. Solana’s speed and low fees also benefit Hive Mapper.

Hivemapper’s native token, HONEY, is priced just below 7.5 cents with a market cap of $133 million. Although HONEY has dropped 60-65% in the past three months, it’s up 350% over the last year, making it a top performer. 

Coin 3: Clearpool

He said that last on his list is Clearpool, which focuses on real-world assets. Clearpool is a decentralized credit marketplace for institutions, complete with KYC and AML checks for regulatory compliance.

Clearpool’s system means high-quality borrowers don’t need full collateral, unlike other DeFi protocols. The token, CPOOL, is currently down, but over the last 30 days, it’s up about 30-35%, and over the past year, it’s up 670%, despite a recent dip.

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