Tron Celebrates Over 7.7B Total Transaction; KangaMoon Anticipate Substantial Growth Alongside Cardano By Q3


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The developments in the altcoin market are often too numerous to keep track. However, smart investors never miss the opportunity to figure out how the network of top altcoins is faring in order to reflect on their investment decisions. Lately, Tron (TRX) coin’s total transactions surpassed 7.7 billion, sparking considerable attention in the crypto market. In lieu of more positivity to come, KangaMoon (KANG) is also posing to be a center of attraction alongside Cardano (ADA) following its recent collaborations.  

Tron Network Breaks Total Transaction Record After Recent Account Record

A few days back, Tron (TRX) network took to X to announce that its total transaction rate just exceeded 7.7 billion, which has sparked considerable investment interest from the altcoin market. However, before this Tron already celebrated its number of active accounts surpassing 233 million. 

These recent developments are not only increasing the chance of Tron coin ranking among best cryptos to buy this year. They are setting Tron up for increased credibility, greater adoption, stronger investor confidence, network security, partnership opportunities, and ecosystem growth.

KangaMoon (KANG) Ranks Among Hottest Meme Coins To Watch In Q3 As $1 Seems Plausible 

Entering the meme coin space with a GameFi and SocialFi approach, KangaMoon (KANG) has garnered enormous attention for many reasons. For one, the native $KANG token which will serve as the in-game currency of the Kangaverse, is already demonstrating exceptional potential in the presale market, surging by 400% so far and may complete a 1000% rise by Q3.

In fact, some experts think that KangaMoon’s outstanding performance will extend beyond the presale market. If that be the case, they predict that the price of KANG could go up and potentially reach $1 in the third quarter of this year, making KANG one of the top altcoins to anticipate. Another factor boosting this possibility is the expectation of KangaMoon to list on BitMart and Uniswap DEX, after the platform had already secured listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Meanwhile, there is more to KangaMoon besides its presale prospect. Among other things, KangaMoon’s upcoming “Kangaverse” ecosystem introduces a unique and immersive gaming experience. Here, participants earn token rewards and other valuable prizes by engaging in battle-themed contests, and speculative betting among other things. As for the native token of KangaMoon platform, $KANG, its price appreciation so far has granted early buyers substantial profit, following the hike from $0.005 to $0.025 in the current bonus stage. Given its impressive run so far, KangaMoon has also been able to attract over 32,000 community members and almost 10,000 token holders, signifying its potential to gain even more traction when it makes its entrance into the DeFi market.

At the moment, KangaMoon’s staking dApp is now ready to use as users can now stake their assets and earn high APY. In addition to the SocialFi incentive that KangaMoon is currently offering, the platform’s ecosystem has also partnered with RaidSharksbot to get the community more engaged. They’re offering a $1000 monthly reward pool for winners. This bolsters Kangamoom’s potential as the most promising presale meme coin.

Cardano Network Secures Impactful Partnership Raising Its Potential for Growth

Cardano (ADA) Foundation has been experiencing developments back to back as the platform strives to maintain relevance in the Web3 and DeFi market. Recently, Cardano network partnered with MetaX with the aim of creating a dedicated community for Web3 engagement. 

This has raised positive momentum for the native ADA token as enthusiasts are increasingly flocking the Cardano network to be part of this impactful community. In a nutshell, Cardano token can potentially see increase in value due to more adoption and network activity.

Like Cardano and Tron, Can KangaMoon Fully Utilize The Web3 Space?

KangaMoon’ ecosystem, Kangaverse is a metaverse-like platform on the Web3 space which features a marketplace for digital collectibles which have real world value. This alone portrays how efficiently KangaMoon utilizes the Web3 space for further engagement.

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