Experts Predicting Hottest Crypto Presale Of This Year To Make Bigger Gains Than DOGE, XRP and ADA Combined


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2024 has been a rollercoaster for crypto investors so far, as an incredible Bitcoin ETF boom has since died down and led to the current post-halving slump across the entire market. Established coins like Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA) have all seen gains in market cap vanish across the board in the recent pullback, leading many to look for a higher return for their capital in newer, more cutting-edge projects such as Rollblock.

Rollblock ($RBLK) is a new concept in the GambleFi crypto space, bringing the innovative technology of web3 to the traditional world of online gambling. With a captivating blend of centralized and decentralized gaming tech, Rollblock is already onboarding the next generation of crypto-savvy investors into the space. Experts are predicting up to 100x gains for RBLK in 2024!

DogeCoin (DOGE): Meme Mania Gives Way to a Drop Below $0.1

Many DOGE bulls had pinned their hopes on Elon Musk adopting DogeCoin as a native currency on his newly acquired X platform payments system. Despite his continued posting about Doge, no such partnership has come about, leading many to abandon the dog-themed meme-coin and look for alpha elsewhere. 

Doge is one of the few established meme coins with some positive gains over the last 6 months, although it has sold off fiercely since March and is down nearly 45% since the local highs. Investors will be hoping that the $0.09 level holds as support and that a reversal is on the cards soon for DOGE.

Ripple (XRP) Below Support as Court Case Continues

Ripple (XRP) holders are closely watching the headlines, as the crypto has retraced all of the positive price action since 2023. The Ripple-SEC lawsuit is still playing out in the US court system and much of its outlook will depend on the outcome of this case. 

Bears have been in the driving seat for much of 2024, succeeding in pushing the XRP price below historical support at $0.43 – Ripple bulls are looking for a support band at $0.38 to hold, although this looks fragile for now as BTC shows weakness. 

Cardano (ADA) Falls to New Lows as Buyers Disappear

Cardano (ADA) has also been making new lows and bulls are hoping to find a base at around $0.31. The trend has been bearish for a while on Cardano, however, and selling pressure has been immense. A fall under the $0.3 level looks likely for ADA if bears remain in control and Bitcoin continues to struggle. 

Cardano has a long way to go to reclaim previous bull market highs, and buyers need to step in soon to reverse the fortunes of this ailing layer-1 chain. ADA holders may well decide to rotate their holdings into newer coins just launching, such as Rollblock.

Rollblock ($RBLK) 

Rollblock ($RBLK) has been making headlines recently as the innovative crypto-native community casino has been moving through the stages of its presale. Set to dominate the $450 billion online gambling industry, Rollblock effortlessly leverages the power of blockchain technology into the traditional world of online gambling. 

All bets and transactions are verifiable on the Ethereum chain, meaning that players can be sure that the bets they place will not be tampered with or manipulated by the house. This removes one of the major concerns in the space.

With no requirements for KYC approval on signup, players can log in with an email address and simply connect a crypto wallet. There are over 100 incredible AI-powered games to choose from once inside, from poker to Monopoly and a host of new favourites. Free bonus spins and leaderboards will keep players engaged and returning to the Rollblock tables again and again.

The native RBLK token is sure to become a giant of the DeFi space. An innovative revenue-sharing scheme will see the casino using a portion of its daily profits to buy RBLK on the open market, supporting price and keeping demand high. 

These coins are then split between rewards for stakers, who can earn up to a whopping 30% on their holdings, and the rest are burned. This will see RBLK supply become deflationary over time, as the platform grows more popular. The price will likely moon as supply on exchanges starts to dry up.

RBLK is in presale and priced at only $0.015. At these levels, nearly 60% of presale coins have already been snapped up and these low prices won’t last for long. Investors are urged to do their research and allocate towards a bag of RBLK. Some experts are predicting a 100x for the price upon token launch! 

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