Solciety Takes United States by Storm: Is it Best Crypto of 2024?


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As both a PolitiFi and SOL meme coin, Solciety stands out with its unique satirical humour and harnessing of two massive trends in crypto right now. Amidst Trump’s endorsement of crypto, Solciety has emerged as the ‘degen’s political party.’ It gives a middle finger to the status quo, offering a break from stale politics, dull memes, and weak gains. 

Having already raised $765k, this meme coin is booming in the PolitiFi market, giving degens a party to truly rally behind.

With the meme coin and PolitiFi markets booming, let’s see how Solciety champions the forgotten degens seeking 1000x gains.

Solciety stuns the United States: From noobs to crypto G’s

A degen rebellion is brewing, and Solciety is flexing its pecs in front of American investors and presenting itself as the best crypto to buy in 2024. Straddling two sectors, the Solana meme coin market cap is sitting at over $6.5 billion at press time, and PolitiFi has rocketed past $1 billion and gained a trading volume of nearly $400 million in what is essentially 6 months. 

In this election year, any coin harnessing political PR buzz is primed to pump like crazy. Just look at MAGA Hat, making gains of over 1500% in just 1 week after launch. That would give an investor a $15,000 return from just a $1k investment.

This may sound like a wild ride, but it’s not unusual in the exhilarating world of meme coins. Consider the success of dogwifhat, a Solana meme coin, where a fortunate trader transformed $1k into a life-altering $100,000. The potential for high gains is real, and Solciety is your ticket to this exciting journey.

Solciety is riding the crazy hype around the many thriving Solana meme coins. Many meme coins like Professor, CatSolHat, and Beercoin have experienced triple-digit increases in the past month, ranging from 200% to 320%.

Solciety’s meme machine keeps the hype machine humming

Meme coins are like shooting stars – they burst onto the scene with a bang, but the fire often fizzles out faster than you can say ‘diamond hands.’ Solciety has a plan to rewrite the narrative, and it’s called the Meme Campaigner, a meme factory on steroids powered by the collective brilliance (and hilarious savagery) of the Solciety community.

The Meme Campaigner is a full-blown political satire buffet with over 200 characters, backgrounds, and fonts to unleash your inner Michelangelo (of memes). You can meet Joe Biden rocking a diaper over his suit while Pepe the Senator and Donald Pump (complete with his signature brick or a suspicious brown McDonald’s bag) can roast his policies. 

The Meme Campaigner empowers you to create and share your masterpieces. Whip up a meme masterpiece, blast it on Twitter, and watch the points roll in – literally, you earn points for every shared meme. The top 10 meme creators even snag some sweet presale tokens.

Chasing those sweet 1000x gains, SLCTY is pegged to the one actual global currency: attention. 

When Solciety lists, the real fun starts

Yes, there are still some sexy gains on offer during the presale. Anyone investing now will see 34.38% gains before the presale ends. But consider this; the election buzz is only going to ramp up. Trump is only going to get more vocal as he fights his case. And the drama is only going to get madder. 

Solciety’s tokenomics has it reserving an entire 20% of its 10 billion tokens for marketing. And with Solciety’s Meme Campaigner pouring some politically satirical gasoline on an already raging fire, this presale is about to get hotter than Donald’s mistresses.

Find out more about the Solciety presale on the official website.

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