Top 10 Best High Schools in the USA

 The prosperity of a state's economy, society, and culture is significantly influenced by its educational system. Student achievement, school quality, and student safety are just a few of the factors that Strolleroo has used to evaluate school systems in all states and determine which ones are the best. Here are the 10 states with the best schools in the USA. 

Alexandria, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. To enhance students' education in math, science, and technology.

Fairfax County Public Schools collaborated with the business sector to establish Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. The Governor's School for Science and Technology in Northern Virginia is a regional magnet school that this high school serves. The STEM topics, problem solving, critical inquiry and research, intellectual curiosity and social responsibility are prioritized in the curriculum. During the educational day, there is a mandatory activity hour for students to attend.

and activities. A founding member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, the institution teaches these subjects. There are a lot of criteria for admission to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, including an entrance exam, a personal essay, references, and a track record of excellence in the classroom. The admissions procedure also takes into account a student's demonstrated ability for and enthusiasm for courses in the areas of mathematics, science, and technology.

Houston, Texas, Carnegie Vanguard High School.

A community-focused magnet school called Carnegie Vanguard High School offers AP, pre-AP, and honors electives as part of its curriculum. 100% of its enrollees pass the AP examinations and 98% of its pupils get admitted to four-year schools or institutions. 100 hours of community service and 10 AP courses are needed for graduation. The clubs at Carnegie Vanguard High School emphasize both academics and community involvement.

and proof of giftedness or skill are required for admission. Austin, Texas. Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School. Austin, Texas' public and private middle schools recruit talented kids for the Liberal Arts and Science Academy, a high school with a strong academic focus. 95% of the students there enroll in AP courses with a 96% success rate.

95.5% of applicants are accepted into four-year colleges and institutions. The project-based courses offered by the Liberal Arts and Science Academy place a strong emphasis on group work, research, and seminar-style seminars. As the foundation of its curriculum, the school offers its collaborative signature courses. Student teams do research, create, carry out, and present projects in the humanities and sciences. In addition to sports teams and organizations, the Liberal Arts and Science Academy provides chess, debate, future tea,

of America and philosophy. French, German, Spanish, and Chinese are among the foreign languages with clubs. Based on prior successes, test results, and teacher recommendations, this institution maintains competitive admissions. Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert Classical Academy.

Gilbert Classical Academy emphasizes the Socratic style of learning via a comprehensive, demanding curriculum. The school solely offers honors and AP courses to better prepare students for college-level studies. With a 98% exam success rate, AP courses are taken by every student. Gilbert Classical Academy adds fine arts classes, organizations, and athletics to its curriculum. A senior thesis project defense and 80 hours of community service are requirements for every student.

in order to enroll at Gilbert Classical Academy.

Miami, Florida. Design and Architecture Senior High School. A magnet school called Design and Architecture Senior High School offers pupils the fundamentals of visual communication, fine art, entertainment, and architecture. Additionally, students can sign up for conventional science, math, and language arts classes. The Senior High School for Design and Architecture provides honors and AP courses as well as dual enrollment coursework with nearby institutions. The majority of students, 98%, enroll in AP classes.

with nearby design businesses, students may obtain practical experience. 40% of the students at the Design and Architecture Senior High School come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The U.S. Department of Education granted Blue Ribbon School of Excellence recognition to Design and Architecture Senior High School. For consideration, each candidate must turn in a sketchbook, a portfolio, and an audition. Tucson, Arizona, University High School. The College Preparatory University High School offers courses in math, science, and

English, and foreign languages. The high school offers an honors and AP course program to kids who are academically driven and intellectually bright. Chinese, French, and German are just a few of the foreign language courses offered by the institution. Engineering course concurrent enrollment is made possible because of a partnership between University High School and the University of Arizona. University High School students get access to Rincon High School coursework in addition to those at University High School because the two institutions share a site.

Except for the University High School Chess Team, Science Olympiad, Academic Decathlon, and Mock Trial, the schools participate in most of the same clubs. Academic competitions at the regional, state, and national levels are held for students. Admission to the institution is based on GPA from the two semesters before enrollment, as well as passing results on the Cognitive Abilities Entrance Exam. Jacksonville, Florida Stanton College Preparatory School This magnet school places a strong emphasis on civic responsibility and cultural

Understanding. Honors, AP, and IB courses are available at the institution at the honors and AP levels. Stanton College Preparatory School offers core courses. The IB program is taken part in by 91% of students with a 100% completion rate. Students at the Stanton College Preparatory School are able to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school thanks to collaborations with the University of North Florida and Florida State College in Jacksonville. There are more than 50 clubs and organizations at the school.

including music, academic teams, service clubs, and honor societies. Stanton College Preparatory School was named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. International Academy. Students at International Academy are required to take all IB classes and tests. Students can earn up to one year of college credit prior to graduating from high school. This university offers a unique combination of demanding academic standards and real-world, career-focused education.

essential subjects, the curriculum emphasizes English, the arts, humanities, science, and technology. The middle years program at the school consists mostly of honors subjects. OCMA, East and West are the three campuses of International Academy. Each student at International Academy must complete 150 hours of co-curricular or volunteer work to graduate. Chess, dancing, cinema, and robotics are some of the extracurricular organizations that are offered. A lottery is used to choose students for admission to International Academy.

Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Downingtown STEM Academy. In Downingtown, Pennsylvania, there is a well-regarded public magnet school called Downingtown STEM Academy. Every student at this IB World School has the chance to receive an IB diploma. Students work on demanding academic projects that need a growth and effort-oriented mentality. 90% of enrolled students take part in the IB program. A student must fulfill their standard credit requirements for each category with a minimum of 75% of their total credits,

For dual enrollment courses, grades are not taken into account for determining the student's GPA. Along with activities provided in the student's home school within the district, the school provides a wide variety of clubs and athletic teams. Pre-requisite classes, a written essay, a teacher reference, and an interview are all required for admission. Staten Island, New York. Staten Island Technical High School. The NYC Department of Education has granted Staten Island Technical High School the designation of specialized high school.

requirements of talented students in New York City. A comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on math, physics, engineering, computers, and the humanities is offered at Staten Island Technical High School. The performing arts, exercise, and health are also prioritized in high school. Science, engineering, and computer laboratories are available to students. With 94% of students completing AP examinations, the school boasts a 100% participation rate in AP classes. Additionally,

High School has a college dual enrollment program and an early college initiative. The Staten Island Technical High School's Science Engineering Research Program is open to students who excel in the sciences. In order to assist them identify their career and life objectives, students have access to a variety of job training and learning exploration options, including workplace visits, internships, and guest speaker appearances. According to Staten Island Technical High School,

all of its pupils are accepted into colleges and institutions. 31% of the school's students are from economically challenged backgrounds. Competition at Staten Island Technical High School is fierce. The difficult specialized high school admissions test is used to admit students.