Top 25 Best Universities For Law Degree in USA

 If you're preparing to apply to law universities in the United States, you are most certainly eager to know which are the best universities and colleges. Now below you will find the law university list.

 Number 1. Stanford University. Stanford University is one of more than 800 institutions with graduate schools surveyed by US News on an annual basis. Stanford University confers

the Graduate School of Business, the Law School, the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Education. The Law School at Stanford University has an application deadline of this February. If you have interest in law, go and apply for it. Stanford University is ranked number two in best law schools. 

Number two, New York University. NYU has been an innovator in higher education, reaching out to an emerging middle class.

embracing an urban identity and professional focus and promoting a global vision that informs its 19 schools and colleges and especially for law students with almost 19 different major programs. 

Number 3. Yale University. Yale is the hardest law school to get into. It has the lowest acceptance rate, highest median GPA, and it is tied for the highest median LSAT score of any law school in the country.

Yale offers an impressive breadth of over 180 courses with countless opportunities for independent research and writing, and nearly 77% of Yale Law students participate in one of the 25 clinics available. 

Number 4. Harvard University. Harvard Law School is a law school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school was ranked 4 by USN-DUL-UR annual enrollment for Harvard Law School is approximately 562.

Harvard University has a 1L class size of 562 and yield of 54.01%. 

Number 5. University of Chicago University of Chicago is one of more than 800 institutions with graduate schools surveyed by U.S. University of Chicago, confers degrees through various schools such as the Booth School of Business, the Pritzker School of Medicine, Engineering School as well as the Law School with almost two programs of LLA.

and Medical Laboratory Scientist Studies. 

Number 6. Columbia University. Columbia Law School consistently ranks among the top law schools in the country. This place offers a diverse selection of dual and joint degree programs. This allows students with interests in multiple fields of study to pursue two degrees simultaneously. 

Number 7. University of California, Berkeley. UC Berkeley Law School is a law school located in Berkeley, California.

Learning at Berkeley Law means joining a stimulating community that is part of a tradition of academic excellence, professional leadership, and public service. Berkeley Law offers a broad three-year curriculum leading to the JD degree and postgraduate programs leading to LLM and JSD degrees. 8. University of California

Los Angeles. UCLA Law School is one of the University of California's 12 professional schools. It is considered among the top law schools in the United States and is one of the youngest. UCLA Law School has American Bar Association Accreditation and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. 

Number 9. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Law School can get a jumpstart on their legal education by beginning in the summer.

an early education program that transitions students into Michigan law and gives them more flexibility with course selection later in their academic career. Students can beef up their legal education with a dual degree in areas like law and business administration, law and Japanese studies, and law and natural resources. 

Number 10. Cornell University. Cornell Law School is a law school located in Ithaca, New York.

The university is organized into seven undergraduate colleges and seven graduate divisions with each college and division, defining its specific admissions standards and academic programs in near autonomy. 

Number 11. Duke University. Duke University is a private research law university in Durham, North Carolina. Duke's academic philosophy helps develop innovation by encouraging you to shape your own experience, to think way outside the box, to practice what you're learning outside the classroom all over the world.

Duke University has a 1L class size of 282 and yield of 26.91%. 

Number 12, Georgetown University. The Georgetown Law Center is located near the heart of the American federal government in Washington, DC. In addition to the traditional JD, the law center offers joint degree programs, such as the JD or PhD in government program. Students can get hands-on legal practice in 18 clinics, including the DC Street Law program.

in which Georgetown students teach high scholars and community members about the law.

 Number 13. University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, a private research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is among the most selective and oldest law schools in the United States. It offers the degrees of Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, Master of Comparative Laws, Master in Law, and Doctor of the Science of Law.

The entering class typically consists of approximately 250 students and admission is highly competitive. 

Number 14. University of Virginia The University of Virginia is a public research university in Charlottesville, Virginia. The community and culture of the university are enriched by active student self-governance, sustained commitment to the arts and a robust NCAA Division I athletics program. UBA's graduate programs include the highly ranked Garden Graduate School of Business,

School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Law, and School of Medicine. 

Number 15. University of Washington. The University of Washington is one of the largest and most prestigious higher education institutions on the West Coast of the U.S. It has traditionally educated students for public service in the region, offering courses and topics such as education, engineering, public affairs, and social work for law programs. 

Number 16. George Mason University.

The Antonin Scalia Law School is the law school of George Mason University, a public research university in Virginia. At Scalia Law, we believe in exposing you to all viewpoints along the legal and political spectrum and encouraging you to join the debate in a civilized and respectful way.

 Number 17. George Washington University. The George Washington University Law School is the law school of George Washington University.

In Washington, D.C. George Washington Law is a global law school that exists to impact the law through our diverse faculty and staff, preeminent alumni, and engaged students. 

Number 18. American University. The American University is a private coeducational, doctoral institution with a liberal arts curriculum. It offers 79 bachelor's degrees, 98 master's degrees, 11 doctoral degrees, 13 law degrees, and more than 90 certificate programs.

for both graduates and undergraduates, as well as over 100 study abroad programs. 

Number 19. University of Minnesota The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, is a public land-grant research university in the United States.

The curriculum at the University of Minnesota Law School allows for students to elect courses in their first year. Minnesota law students in their first year can choose between a course in Essentials of Business for Lawyers, International Law, Civil Procedure, or Legislation and Regulation, in addition to mandatory first-year courses. 20. University of Texas at Austin. The University of Texas at Austin is a bold, ambitious leader.

providing a first-class education and the tools of discovery to more than 51,000 students. UT Austin Law School is a law school located in Austin, Texas. Texas law students become rigorous analytical thinkers and world-changing professionals.

 Number 21. Boston University Boston University School of Law is the Law School of Boston University, a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. It was one of the first law schools to admit women and minorities, at a time when most other law schools barred them.

In 1881, Lelia J. Robinson became the first female BU Law graduate. 

Number 22. Indiana University The Indiana University Maher School of Law is located on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. The Law School is one of two law schools operated by Indiana University, the other being the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. Although both law schools are part of Indiana University,

Each law school is wholly independent of the other. 

Number 23. University of California, Irvine University of California, Irvine confers degrees through various schools such as the Paul Merridge School of Business, the School of Law, the School of Medicine, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, and the School of Education as well as a nursing school. The School of Law at University of California, Irvine has an application deadline of March 15. If you want to join this institute then go and reserve your seat.

Number 24. Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt University Law School consistently ranks among the top 20 law schools in the U.S. Vanderbilt Law's rigorous curriculum, equips students with the knowledge and analytical skills they need to succeed in a fast-paced, competitive legal landscape. Students can also propose a customized dual-degree program that can merge their unique interests. 

Number 25. University of Florida.

One of America's all-around best universities, the University of Florida drives future-making education, eye-opening discoveries, life-saving healthcare, and environment. The Levin College of Law offers a three-year full-time program, leading to a Juris Doctor degree. It also offers advanced law degrees, including Master of Laws degree programs in taxation, international taxation, U.S. law, land use, and environmental law, in addition to a Doctor of Juridical Science in taxation. Hope you like this article.